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Six Carpet Cleaning Secrets from the Pros

Despite all the precautions, you cannot prevent carpets from stains and dust particles. In this scenario, it is very difficult to keep the carpet fresh and look clean. Keeping the carpet in a house is not an issue, but how you are maintaining it, that really matters. So in this blog, we are sharing some secrets by A2Z cleaning experts which will help you to keep your carpet new and clean.

Stains- Even many professional cleaners are unable to remove the stains from the carpet properly. Stains not only look dirty but also hamper the delicateness of the carpet. People often rub the stains desperately but this is not the proper way, rather in this way they are damaging the quality of the carpet.

Tips to remove stain- Whenever there is a stain on the carpet, don't try to experiment with it. Rather blot it immediately with an absorbent. Take a soft cotton cloth and press it gently on the stain until it is absorbed.

Cleaning- There are too many reasons that make the carpet dirty. There are several techniques used for cleaning the several types of grime from the carpet. Just cleaning the carpet is not sufficient here; rather how you are cleaning it, really matters.

Pros tips to clean the carpet- You can't use any chemicals to clean your carpet. So, first of all, you have to identify what kind of dirt is present on the carpet. If there is dirt from a long period of time then City fresh is one of the best cleaning agents. And if the carpet is really nasty and has a foul odour, then Odoban is a good option.

Chewing gum - How to remove the sticky chewing gum from the carpet?

Pros tips to remove chewing gum- A dry chewing gum is really difficult to remove especially from the carpet. If you remove it in a haphazard manner then it may hamper the quality of the carpet. In such situations, bring three or four ice cubes and freeze the gum with the ice cubes for about 30 seconds. In this way, it becomes very easy to remove the gum from the carpet.

Grease- Greasy substances are really difficult to remove using any available chemical and can damage the fibre of the carpet if an inappropriate acid is used.

Pros tips to clean the Grease- If there is an oily or greasy stain on the carpet then Grease release spotter is an effective chemical to remove the stubborn stains of grease.

Wax- dripping- Wax-dripping quickly dries and gets embedded so it becomes very difficult to remove candle wax from carpets.

Pros tips to remove wax-dripping- Place a white cloth over the wax dripping area and put the iron on the top and warm it up. In this way, you can remove wax- dripping very easily.

Drops of blood- Whether it is a cloth or a carpet, it is very difficult to remove the dry stains of blood. After washing the cloth two or three times, the stain of the blood disappears but this does not apply to carpets.

Pros tips to remove the drop of blood- Hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) proves effective to remove the stains of the blood.

Conclusion- You don't need any big machine or special skill to clean carpets or rugs. Above procedures are tried and tested by professional carpet cleaning services that will help you to clean the carpet by your own without any hassle.

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