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Duct Cleaning Melbourne

We are Melbourne's Air Duct Cleaning Experts. Our Clean Team are highly trained air duct cleaning technicians with the experience and expertise to help you with all your duct cleaning needs. We clean both heating and cooling ducts in both domestic and commercial premises.

Imagine all the muck that collects in your ducts. Dirt and dust is sucked into them from your return air vent. We use high pressure machinery to remove dust, dirt, pollen, insects, dust mites, bacteria and even small animals from your heating & cooling ducts. After the dirt is extracted we sanitize the whole system with an antibacterial gas which eliminates any dust mites or spores of mould or bacteria. If you wish your family to breathe clean air then having clean air ducts is a big step toward a clean home environment. The "Duct Clean" is the best and easiest way to make your house a healthy home.

Cleaning your air conditioning or heating ducts will also save you money on heating and cooling bills by reducing restrictions in your ducts and making the system more efficient.

Heating and cooling duct cleaning will also reduce the risk of fire & germs spreading in your home or office.

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