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Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

The Experts in Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne. Our Clean Team are highly trained carpet steam cleaners with the experience and expertise to help you with all your carpet steam cleaning needs. Apartments, flats, houses, offices, commercial and industrial - 7 days.

There are many methods of carpet cleaning and over the years we have looked at all of these and selected the best. We offer both carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning but for most carpets we would recommend our ‘Carpet Cleaning Melbourne‘ and for carpets needing a more intensive clean the double action ‘Carpet STEAM Clean PLUS’ may be required. We use the latest equipment available in Melbourne and select the most effective carpet steam cleaning chemicals that are SAFE to use in your home.

Our Carpet steam cleaning service is without doubt Melbourne’s leading carpet steam cleaning services that’s available . We use the most up-to-date methods of services and equipment to bring you the highest quality steam carpet cleaning services available in Melbourne. Our friendly staff provides you with the fastest service at the best rates.

We use eco-friendly methods and materials and we maintain the highest standard of excellence. Carpet Steam cleaning uses hot water and safe cleaning solutions to completely rid your carpets of dirt and accumulated debris. We will eliminate allergens and other harmful substances and leave your carpets looking and smelling fresh. Proper carpet care is directly related to good health and well-being and our steam carpet cleaning can ensure that your carpets remain in the best condition. Carpet steam cleaning will also get rid of stains, discolouration and dangerous moulds.

In a recent laboratory test carpet in a home was found to contain five time more dirt than a city street! The test conducted also discovered what nasties lurk in carpet that’s not cleaned. What was discovered included 20 different kinds of insect caucus, Vermin hair, mould and allergen causing spores to name a few.

The most effective way to clean your carpets and get rid of the nasties is to use hot water extraction this is commonly known as Steam Cleaning!

So if you’re moving out or it’s just time for your carpets to be steam cleaned, call the best Carpet Steam Cleaning service in Melbourne and let the Squeaky Clean Team provided you with the level of service you deserve.

Call us now for a free quote or to book an appointment and let us provide you with the best carpet cleaning services available in Melbourne.Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

The 'Carpet Cleaning Melbourne' is a multistage cleaning process using specialist chemicals and equipment by our specialist carpet cleaners. Firstly we assess your carpets and what treatment will suit them. They are then pres prayed with a biodegradable cleaning solution with special attention paid to any spots or stains. Using a high pressure carpet steam cleaning machine our operator will pump steam deep into the pile of the carpet and simultaneously suck the moisture and dirt back into the tank of the machine. Ask our operator to show you how much dirt came out of your carpet, it will amaze you!

We add commercial grade deodorisers and rinse chemicals to be sure all residue is removed and your carpet is fresh and clean.

Carpet steam cleaning using our thoroughly researched method is by far the best way to clean your carpets. All of Melbourne!!!

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